Professional Maintenance Services

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Mike Busch A&P/IA
Mike Busch A&P/IA
National Aviation
Maintenance Technician
of the Year (2008)

Need help with
General Aviation maintenance? 

Under the leadership of renowned maintenance wizard Mike Busch—arguably the best-known A&P/IA in general aviation—Savvy has assembled the most experienced and talented team of general aviation maintenance experts in the industry. Savvy's mission is to help owners of private aircraft achieve the highest level of safety and dispatch reliability in the most cost-effective fashion possible through the use of modern reliability-centered maintenance technology. Savvy's four core services are SavvyMx, SavvyQASavvyPrebuy and SavvyAnalysis (details below). We also provide the SavvyBreakdown 24/7 fast-response breakdown assistance service in partnership with Sporty's.


Professional maintenance management for owner-flown General Aviation aircraft.

Since we launched our flagship SavvyMx maintenance management service in 2008, we've managed the maintenance of thousands of owner-flown GA airplane and saved our clients millions of dollars in reduced maintenance costs—not to mention incalculable quantities of stress and hassle—by letting our veteran GA maintenance experts manage the maintenance of their aircraft.

For a modest annual fee—$750/year for piston singles, $1,000/year for piston twins—you can enjoy peace of mind whenever maintenance issues arise. And if you encounter a mechanical issue while on a trip, Savvy's breakdown assistance can be priceless!

Who What When Why Where How?

Expert maintenance consulting.

Our SavvyQA consulting service is a "lite" version of our flagship SavvyMx service for aircraft owners who prefer to manage their own maintenance, deal directly with shops and mechanics, and handle their own recordkeeping, but would still like access to impartial, trusted and experienced advice from Savvy's team of experienced A&P/IAs when they need it. SavvyQA clients receive unlimited consultation on matters like:

  • Recommendations of maintenance, overhaul, and specialty shops.
  • Technical second opinions of maintenance advice that would be costly or invasive.
  • Interpretation of technical findings such as borescope images, oil and filter analysis reports, etc.
  • Troubleshooting assistance for thorny or intermittent issues that your shop can't seem to diagnose.

The annual fee $375/year for piston singles and $500/year for piston twins.

Compression test

Looking to purchase an aircraft? We've got your six!

SavvyPrebuy is a nationwide, fixed-price management service designed to help you avoid the pitfalls that often plague prospective aircraft buyers.

We'll guide you through every stage of the process, from initial logbook review to the physical prebuy examination and test flight to coaching you through your final negotiations with the seller. And if you're trying to figure out which make and model aircraft to buy, or trying to decide between two or three purchase candidates, we'll help you with that, too.

Engine monitor

The world's most powerful platform for engine analysis.

Analyze your own data,
or let us do it for you.

SavvyAnalysis provides powerful free tools to organize and analyse engine monitor data. And it's FREE!

You can also upgrade to our SavvyAnalysis Pro service for affordably-priced analysis by the industry's most experienced piston aircraft engine data analysts.

Now fortified with FEVA™ (Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics) to protect you from exhaust valve failure.



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